How often have you arrived to work, dreading another day in the same office? Your co-workers and employees have probably felt this way at one point or another. So how can you make people come to the office excited to do some work? A brand new office refurbishment might just be the solution.

Remodeling and refreshing your company’s office is easier said than done. The possibilities are endless. The amount of office fitout ideas can seem unending. But how can you renovate your office so it encourages productivity without blowing the budget?

Here are 5 office fitout ideas and factors you need to consider to create a workspace that people are happy to work in.

#1 – A Free-flowing Layout that Promotes Movement

There’s nothing worse than a cramped office. With all the work being done, you’ll have a hard time hearing your own thoughts! Layout should be the first thing you consider from a list of office fit out ideas.

It’s important to come up with a layout that promotes movement. This means ample walking space between desks so people can freely move about. Desks should also be placed at distances which allow people to both communicate with each other and not get distracted by the sound of mouse clicks and keyboard typing.

It’s also important to remember to keep social distancing rules in mind when planning your layout.

#2 – Designated Office Zones

Creating zones with specific purposes can break up the monotony of daily work. It also introduces some vibrancy and life to the workplace. What we mean by ‘zones’ is a room or space made for a particular purpose. These can include:

  • Quiet rooms for focused, individual tasks – without fear of distractions. May feature soft music, partitioned desks etc.
  • Collaborative areas for meeting and meet-ups. Made to encourage communication and the sharing of ideas.
  • Lunch or break rooms designed to give employees a break. Could come equipped with games or leisure activities such as a pool table or bean bags.
A collaborative space can result in a lot of ideas and brainstorming.

#3 – Ample, Natural Lighting

Apart from obviously letting you see your work, lighting is able to boost productivity and mood in the workplace. In fact, different strengths of light can have different effects on productivity and mood.

For example, a warm coloured light which is red/orange in colour creates a sense of relaxation (perfect for break rooms). On the other hand, cool coloured lights improve alertness, productivity and reduces fatigue.

Goes to show that a nice combination of lights can improve mood and productivity across the board.

But what about natural sunlight? Studies have shown that natural sunlight releases serotonin and boosts people’s mood. When designing your office, ensure that there is an ample amount of sunlight. This can come from windows or sunroofs.

Good office renovation features a great lighting plan.

#4 – Colour Psychology

We have mentioned colour psychology before in a previous article about amazing cafe interior design. Its importance is another office fitout idea that can’t be looked over.

Colour psychology refers to the effect colours have on people’s moods and behaviours. Just like how different strengths of light can have different effects, different colours can work the same.

Here are a few examples of colour psychology and they’re application in a new office fitout design:


White is the most often used colour in office interior design. White presents itself as sleek, pure and clean. It also gives your office a modern, minimalistic vibe. However, too much white and the minimalism can become boring, uninspired and lacklustre. White is great for kitchen and cafeteria areas.


Sophisticated, mysterious and powerful – black is an authoritative choice for an office colour scheme. When used as a highlight with other colours, it can create an elegant, cool workspace. Too much black however, and the mood turns grim and sinister. It also absorbs natural light which is an important aspect of office interior design.

An appropriate black colour scheme can look powerful and sophisticated.


Smackbang in the middle of white and black is grey. Grey is a popular colour for office design. It signifies intelligence, high-tech and intelligence. But like all things, moderation is key! An excessive amount of grey can make your workplace feel like a warehouse or a prison.


Red is a power colour used to invoke passion, energy and excitement. But red might be too powerful, in that it can cause headaches, fatigue and sensory overload. Best used as a highlight, it can potentially lift the ambition and passion of your workplace.

Red is a passionate colour but be careful not to overdo it!


Blue works on the other spectrum of red. It creates feelings of relaxation, calm and tranquility. Soothing to look out and calming to the mind, blue is a great choice for many office spaces. Just make sure your employees don’t end up snoozing in an ocean of blue!

These are just a few of many colours you can pick for your office fitout. What’s important is to mix and match until you get a colour scheme that invokes the right feelings and matches your brand’s colours.

#5 – Functional Furniture

If you and your co-workers are going to be working 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, wouldn’t it pay to get functional furniture? A comfy, sturdy chair can make productivity skyrocket. A creaky, unstable desk can make it plummet.

High quality furniture can make working a joy so invest in desks, chairs and accessories which last long and work.

This point isn’t limited to just furniture either – the decor in your office also needs to work into the scheme of your interior design. Gaudy embellishments or ill-fitting art can become distractions to an otherwise productive workplace.

Revitalise Your Workplace With A New Office Fitout and Design

After reading this article, you should have some office fitout ideas and inspiration for your new office fit out design. From lighting to the use of colours, your coworkers and employees will have a reason to come to the office, excited and ready to do some work!

If you need more inspiration or want to get started on your new fitout, contact our team at The One Interiors! Our team of office fitout professionals will take your office fitout ideas and turn them into reality with safe and efficient installations. Our versatility means that we can also take on cafe fit outs and commercial fit outs. So stop looking at other office fit out companies and get in touch with us now!

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