Ever wonder what exactly a shopfitter does? You could take a guess and get a rather accurate answer, but the truth is that shopfitters do so much more than simply build interiors for your store.

So what is shopfitting? And what does a shopfitter do? In a nutshell, shopfitters are responsible for the initial interior designs, the production of furnishings and fixtures, and the final installation of the interior. Shopfitters can help bring your ideas and visions to life, in a professional yet creative way. To understand the role of shopfitters even further, we dive in deeper to what they bring to the table.

The Ins & Outs of Shopfitting

A great interior design can have many positive effects on the office or business. Whether it’s boosting the productivity of your employees and co-workers or attracting and keeping new customers, an appealing interior design can go a long way. There’s no establishment that a good shopfitter won’t take on. The interiors of banks, restaurants, bars and retail stores are all within the realm of a shopfitter’s job.

Of course, you could design and install your new interior all by yourself, but shopfitters are here to make that process ten times easier. They’re able to take much of the guesswork and heavy lifting out of it, working with you to make your dream office or restaurant a reality. Shopfitters undergo at least three years of study which includes a shopfitter apprenticeship, making them well-equipped to create the interior you’re looking for.

What is a Shopfitter? Their Three Main Tasks

The answers to the question “what does a shopfitter do?” can be many but the three main tasks they uptake are design, production and installation.


It’s generally assumed that shopfitters only focus on the installation of interior designs but in fact, they are heavily involved in the initial design stage. They’ll talk with clients to understand their own goals – communication is key! They’ll then survey the space and submit initial sketches and blueprints to the client for approval. No idea is too outlandish; shopfitters take your ideas and turn them into a workable, realistic yet gorgeous design!


A shop fitter makes designs that are bespoke to the client. This means that bespoke furniture, tailored signage and custom fittings must be ordered and manufactured. Shopfitters take care of this, making sure that every piece of custom furniture matches their design brief. This could include things like retail shelving, bar counters and office desks. They also adhere to the client’s budget and ensure that production does not exceed spending limits.


Once designs have been agreed on and furniture has been produced, shopfitters begin to put everything together. Shopfitters are experienced in all aspects of installation so you won’t have to drill a single display rack or paint a wall (unless you want to!). And of course, appropriate safety measures are taken to avoid potential accidents. Shopfitters also work to make sure agreed deadlines are met.

How Else Do Shopfitters Help You?

Shop fitters aren’t limited to just those three key tasks. They also take care of things that many overlook or take for granted. One of these is managing budgets and working within the financial means of the client. Not every client has huge budgets to spend on a brand new fitout. Shopfitters work to maximise their given budgets and in turn, create a design which gets the most value out of a given amount of spend.

Working closely with important third parties is something shopfitters do often. Working together and communicating with plumbers, electricians and the local council prevents toes being trampled on and prevents surprise fees and costs. A good shopfitter will also assist in obtaining the necessary approvals for a new fit-out, including CDC (Complying Development Certificate) and DA (Development Approval). This ensures that the entire process moves fast and goes as smoothly as possible.

Picking the Best Shopfitter for the Job

When it comes to picking the best shopfitter for the job, it is important to look at what they have to offer and at what price they can do it at. Also, it’s imperative to take a look at their past work so you can get an idea of what they are capable of. They’ll most likely have a portfolio of jobs they have done before,  which is a good way to get inspired and a strong starting point for your own design! You’ll also be able to see if they have done any shop fit outs which resemble what you’re already looking for.

It’s also good to remember that just because a shopfitter gives you a cheap quote, it doesn’t mean their work is good quality! You don’t want your shopfitter cutting corners by purchasing low quality furniture or bypassing certain safety measures just to save time. A good shopfitter takes their time, understands what their client wants, and takes pride in their work.

A Brand New Fit Out is only a Call Away

When it comes to turning your space into something you’ve always dreamed of, there’s no better way to do so than with the help of professional shopfitters. From creating initial designs all the way to the installation of that final lightbulb, a good shopfitter will be with you every step of the way. Their professionalism and creativity can’t be found anywhere else.

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